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This sweet old guy was on death row in Texas – in more ways than one. LuAnn literally drove to Texas to rescue him, as he was too sick for regular ground or air transport. LuAnn brought him home on her birthday, 9.18.2015.

Phoenix came to the sanctuary as our first transfer and blossomed in Colorado with lots of TLC, healthy food and medical care. Animals like Phoenix are the reason we exist. His special needs were too numerous to mention, but being a senior in need of lifetime care was his primary qualifier.

Phoenix was one of the sweetest dogs ever. We gave Phoenix a wonderful home, family and life – just what we are here to do. He died in LuAnn’s arms at home on March 11, 2016 from lymphoma.

Godspeed, Phoenix – you taught us many lessons about love, letting go and the importance of fulfilling our mission. Much love, sweet boy<3

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