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Not that type of sanctuary. . .

Initially we came up with the name Colorado Companion Animal Sanctuary because we wanted to offer lifetime group care to animals with special needs. But, it only took a few months of living with four dogs and six cats to realize that animals with special needs, and those that are young, require more care than they can receive in a large group setting without a number of staff or volunteers.

As we talked more with the licensing inspector, it became clear that the regulations for a sanctuary and the vision we have for the animals are not in alignment. It turns out that our idea of living with a houseful of cats and dogs is considered a foster home. Sanctuaries are more likely to have animals living outside, which we can’t do in our area due to predators. And, with the special needs population, it is not an optimal environment.

But, we like the idea of offering sanctuary/asylum to those in need, so the name remains the same. 

Foster Care

Ideally, we will have a group of foster homes approved and waiting for a pet that is a good fit for their family. Unlike many foster care programs for animals, we encourage our families to adopt their fosters if it is a good match. LuAnn is all about attachment and avoiding separation which may result in trauma, when possible. Great care is taken to place animals in the best possible environment.

Foster homes must be approved by CCAS prior to placement. This includes an application process with reference checks, a vet reference, a home visit and any necessary training before placement. After the initial approval, annual visits are required and drop in visits may be conducted, if needed. Monthly reports and photos help us keep in touch and remain up to date with the pets in foster homes.

Volunteers, including foster parents, are the lifeblood of the organization. Not only do we require a high standard of care for the pets entrusted to you, but we offer the support, training and supervision to make that possible. As a team, we always attempt to do what is best for our animals by any means necessary. 

Lifetime Care

CCAS provides both long-term care  (lifetime care) and short-term care for special needs dogs and cats. These special animals have manageable/treatable invisible illnesses, physical disabilities or have reached a later stage of life. Often overlooked for adoption, these babies need a safe and loving home with people who can meet their needs. CCAS offers this by pairing pets with loving foster families who are willing to share their hearts and homes.


Frequently shelters, individuals and other rescues reach out to us when a special needs dog or cat has limited options for care, ie. adoption may take longer or be unlikely. We consider all referrals and help those that we can based on foster home availability and financial resources. CCAS accepts animals from other states that have special needs or circumstances. Our belief is that animals in need know no geographical boundaries. Colorado is a wonderful place for pets to find a home with people who can and want to care for them. 


CCAS has decided to use our platform to raise awareness of special needs pet adoption. Although some of the pets in our care are not available for adoption for various reasons, we are beginning to take in more pets that are adoptable and waiting for the right family. Check with us regularly to learn more about our animals for adoption. 


For information or questions about any of our services, email CCAS.Denver@gmail.com or call 303-910-2425.


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