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Merlin is our delightful young kitty with no paws. Caused by a birth defect, this abnormality limits Merlin’s life only minimally. He is one of the happiest kitties ever – living life to the fullest. He loves to play, run and jump with the other ‘big kids’ and hide in his secret tunnel where he thinks nobody can see him;-)

Merlin came to CCAS in May 2015. He is the official spokescat for the organization. Merlin (aka Muffin) was about 18-months-old when we got him. To say he was not used to being touched is an understatement. HeĀ is easily overstimulated and uses his only defense when he feels unsafe – biting – hard!

Merlin has made a lot of progress. He now likes to be cuddled – most of the time. He will gives and receive kisses without biting and lie next to his favorite people skin-to-skin. He still goes a bit nuts if his back nubs are touched, but we are working on that.

Merlin was the first cat to run to safety the morning of the sanctuary fire. Though he has no feet, Merlin can get on all fours to walk or run – especially when chasing a cat toy! The moment he saw LuAnn enter the room where he was only a few feet from the huge blaze, he ran faster-than-ever-before to the safety of her arms. It is an image she will never forget.

To date, we have not found a way to give him feet. The costs are prohibitive, and we don’t know where to begin. Merlin had a small skateboard that was lost in the fire. It is possible to have another one fabricated, but we need resources for that, too. If you have any ideas, let us know!


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