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It is the little man in black – Johnny…Johnny Cash! This baby was so very sick when we got him. He was five months old and weighed five pounds, 8 ounces of which was an abscess. He could barely walk and felt so very bad. Thankfully, Dr. Palmini identified the problem and removed it ASAP.

Johnny has other lifetime medical problems as a little Manx kitty with Manx Syndrome. We are working with him to find the best way to manage his symptoms.

He also has bouts of IBS, so his diet is carefully monitored. He is 90% better after a year with us and eats cat food now instead of a diet of pumpkin and chicken…he likes it much better!

John-John broke the head off his frmur in January, so he has more of a limp than before and sometimes drags his back leg. It does not slow him down much…tough little guy that he is.

JohnnyCash is a lover and a fighter! We expect him to live a long and full life with us or a very special family that will care for him. Are you his person?

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