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Oz is one of our Manx Syndrome babies. He joined us in Colorado early May of 2015 from Michigan. Oz is a founding member of CCAS, and by far the busiest cat on the planet! He is very doglike, and loves Lincoln, the Great Dane.

Among his other endearing qualities, he is an escape artist. His long legs and agile, lean body make him especially adept at climbing fences. We find ourselves retrieving him daily…which means waiting for him to come to us. Chasing Oz is his favorite game. (I just caught him with a mouthful of feathers and a wounded bird that he dropped when I startled him!) This cat is fearless, which is not always a good thing!

In addition to Manx Syndrome, Oz has a chronic autoimmune disorder that causes episodic outbreaks of painful ulcers in his mouth. There is no cure, so steroid shots are used when he has an outbreak. The ‘street name’ for this condition is indolent ulcers aka rodent ulcers, though it has nothing to do with eating rodents.

Oz also has OCD. He is very compulsive about cleaning, both his environment and his roommates.  He can be seen neurotically cleaning every speck of spilled food or cat litter, cleaning the litter box (which he can’t actually use due to Manx Syndrome), aggressively grooming all the boy cats, etc. It can be exhausting to watch him, but he does rests when there is nothing out of order to obsess about and in his crate where he sleeps at night.

Oz and Eddie are a bonded pair. Both will live at the Sanctuary forever, barring any miracles – which do happen, I am told!

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