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Meet Samaria, one of kitties from the cat colony in Bailey! Sammie is another sweetheart with Manx Syndrome. She is a very tiny two year old. Sam was relinquished to the shelter by her family, probably due to incontinence, the primary symptom of Manx Syndrome with megacolon.

Sweet Sammie was only hours from euthanasia when the adoption coordinator remembered that we have cats at CCAS with this problem. In less than a week she was vetted, spayed and hitched a ride with a friend of the shelter from Texas to Colorado.

Sam is very scared. She stays hidden under furniture and blankets, only coming out with coercion. She loves to have her head rubbed, so she comes out for that when she feels safe.

Christian takes care of the Manx cats each morning and at bedtime. He lies on the floor with her each day while feeding her to build trust. She now allows us to express her without being completely traumatized each time, but she is still terrified of being held or picked up.

Sammie may be available for adoption with the right person . Managing her condition requires patience, structure and skill. If you are interested, call LuAnn at 303.910.2425 for details.

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