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Look at this beauty! Chan is the youngest member of the cat colony in Bailey. He came to us at 5 months of age on Christmas Eve 2015 – what a wonderful gift!

Chan has a birth defect that leaves him unable to bend his back legs. But –  it doesn’t slow him down! He can run, jump and play with the best of them:-)

Chan was found as a stray at the tender age of about 2-3months. We had to wait for him to get big enough to be neutered and vetted before bringing him here. He has a huge appetite and is growing quickly as little ones do.

Chan is a non-stop bundle of joy! When we can get him to slow down, he loves to snuggle. He is losing his baby teeth now and biting everyone and everything – we hope that will end soon.

Chan will be staying with us at CCAS, so he is not up for adoption. He would love to have a guardian angel to help care for him. Call LuAnn to discuss the details at 303.910.2425.

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