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Look at this beauty! Chan is the youngest member of the cat colony in Bailey. He came to us at 5 months of age on Christmas Eve 2015 – what a wonderful gift!

Chan has a birth defect that leaves him unable to bend his back legs. But –  it doesn’t slow him down! He can run, jump and play with the best of them:-)

Chan was found as a stray at the tender age of about 2-3months. We had to wait for him to get big enough to be neutered and vetted before bringing him here. He has a huge appetite and is growing quickly as little ones do.

Chan is a non-stop bundle of joy! When we can get him to slow down, he loves to snuggle. He is losing his baby teeth now and biting everyone and everything – we hope that will end soon.

Chan will be staying with us at CCAS, so he is not up for adoption. He would love to have a guardian angel to help care for him. Call LuAnn to discuss the details at 303.910.2425.

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Meet Samaria, one of the kitties from the cat colony in Bailey! Sammie is another sweetheart with Manx Syndrome. She is a small three-year-old who loves to have her head rubbed. Sam was relinquished to the shelter by her family, probably due to incontinence, the primary symptom of Manx Syndrome.

Sweet Sammie was only hours from euthanasia when the adoption coordinator remembered that we have cats at CCAS with this problem. In less than a week she was vetted, spayed and hitched a ride with a friend of the shelter from Texas to Colorado.

Sammie was one of the three cats that were missing after the fire that destroyed our home and the sanctuary. She returned after a month, emaciated but otherwise healthy. This was especially miraculous since she is one with Manx Syndrome and the temperature in December was 12 – 16 degrees most of the time she was missing. She had lost half her body weight, but has since gained it back plus some – and lots of confidence.



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