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Hellooo Betsy – welcome to Colorado! Betsy is a sweet, sweet girl of about 9 years. She is probably a lab mix, but look at those ears…maybe shepherd? She is very small, though also underweight. We hope to get her back to a normal weight when she gets settled. And – she looks suspiciously like Bailey. They are from the same area, so who knows???

Betsy will be in foster care with our most skilled foster family. She was in a shelter and boarding facility for several months after being relinquished to the shelter when her mom died. She has been traumatized by the experience, but also fortunate to have a team of caring volunteers who took a special interest in her. They literally kept her alive by moving her to a boarding facility until an appropriate home could be found.

Betsy has some special needs, which is how we met her. She will be getting help for those before she is available for adoption. Among other issues, she is heart worm positive. Betsy is on the slow kill method thanks to her wonderful volunteer family and guardian angels. They will remain involved in Betsy’s care from a distance – and we welcome them and Betsy to the family!

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