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Luma (Luma Lu or LuLu) is a little pixie of a girl. She also has Manx Syndrome. LuLu came to us with JohnnyCash! from a wonderful rescue in Champaign, IL called CatSnap. I am not sure about the origin of her name, but her pale green eyes are luminescent!

Luma is a calico, and has a bit of difficulty getting along with male cats. Of course, they all love her – especially Eddie who is forever trying to get her attention by any means necessary.

Luma is one of the CCAS fire survivors. She really needs her own family as she does not get along well with so many other cats. She is delightful with humans, and does okay with girl cats – but not the boys.

If we can’t find the perfect adoptive or long-term foster family, she has a permanent place with us at CCAS. If you know anyone who can and wants to care for a cat with Manx Syndrome, please send them Luma’s information!

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Mitt, aka Mitt Romney Gandolf I, is a big, beautiful Siamese that has a spinal cord injury due to a broken tail. Having half a tail doesn’t slow him down – as you see, he is an avid rock climber!

Mitt was a ‘touch-me-not’ until we found this wonderful food from Royal Canin called Calm. Four months on Calm and he is cuddling with humans and initiating head rubs.

Although he has no problem with mobility, bladder and bowel issues are a big problem. Anxiety makes it even harder to express his bladder and bowel.

For these reasons, he will likely be on medication the rest of his life – and he will be a sanctuary cat forever.  We love watching him bloom and delight in having him with us!

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