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Colorado Companion Animal Services (CCAS) staff are passionate about the well being of all animals – particularly dogs and cats with special needs. Our staff consists of volunteers who generously offer their time and resources. We are unapologetically avid animal advocates.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to offer rescue and sanctuary to companion animals that have special needs, thus preventing the euthanasia of animals with manageable or treatable conditions.

The Goal of CCAS: Our primary goal is to offer consistent care and comfort to companion animals with special needs.

Objectives for CCAS:

  • Ensure each animal has access to routine and emergency veterinary care.
  • Provide for the behavioral and emotional needs of the pets.
  • Link adoptable companion animals with loving and safe families.
  • Offer lifetime care and fospice in a safe, comfortable home environment via a network of foster care providers.
  • Provide respite for families of pets with special needs.
  • Partner with vets, rescues, shelters and other animal welfare organizations for referral, partnership and resource sharing.

Vision for CCAS:

CCAS is on nine-acres in Jefferson County zoned A1. In the words of the county zoning officials, we can do anything we want here with as many animals as we please (within reason, as we want to be good neighbors).

However, in only a few months, we realized the challenges of sanctuary life for animals with special needs, those who are young, have behavioral or emotional needs or simply require more time and attention for other reasons. It is difficult to provide the care they need when there are so many without resorting to a kennel-like environment. We are not interested in that model; we want the animals to live in a homelike environment.

So – we have chosen to use a foster-based model, traditionally used by rescues. This offers the smaller groups for more individualized care. It also allows us to rehabilitate those that are adoptable, and find loving homes for them.

The vision of a small village for groups of animals may become a reality some day. Until then, our network of foster homes will provide the level of care we want for the animals. And, allow us to move forward without the high overhead expenses required to establish and operate a sanctuary. Hence, the name has changed to Colorado Companion Animal Services.

Non-profit Fiscal Sponsorship: CCAS has chosen to work with Social Good Fund, a non-profit agency known as a fiscal sponsor, to manage the financial aspects of the organization. CCAS is considered a program of the Social Good Fund. All contributions are made to the Social Good Fund/Colorado Companion Animal Services.

Donate Now

We appreciate any contributions to offset our daily expenses, or for specific purposes. Click the link below and give whatever you got! Most contributions are tax deductible.



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