4 Reasons to Say “NO” to Breeders and Craigslist

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4 Reasons to Say “NO” to Breeders and Craigslist

When looking for a new pet, it might be simple to pop up a browser and check your local Craigslist. You may think that you want a purebred animal with a pedigree, or have a certain attachment to a specific breed.  Maybe you just like the way one type of dog or cat looks or acts. Whatever the reason, they pale in comparison to adopting a rescue animal, specifically a dog or cat with disabilities.


Shelter animals are typically strays that have been found, abused or neglected animals, or pets that have been relinquished by their owners for a variety of reasons. No matter the situation, shelter pets prove to be wonderful, caring animals that are just as loyal to their owners as any purebred dog or cat, often with fewer medical problems due to breeding.


Here are a few reasons adopting or fostering a rescue is the best choice:


  1. Save the lives of unwanted pets!  Millions of great dogs and cats are killed each year in the US due to overcrowding. Many are overlooked by adoptive families because of their color (black dogs and cats are less likely to be adopted!), age or other special needs. Those that are not adopted within a specific period of time, often only a few days, are generally killed in animal control facilities unless a rescue takes them. Rescues usually work with the dogs and cats to correct any behavioral or personality problems before allowing them to be adopted. We rely on YOU to provide the permanent home for these adoptable pets.


  1. Provide a home for a disabled or special needs pet! Some of the most unique and adorable pets you can find are disabled pets. Many animals with physical disabilities can get around just as easily as other animals, even if they need a bit of help, ie. scooter or cart. Animals with emotional disabilities might just require more loving care or a bit of medication and time to heal their wounds. In the end, you get a pet with the same capacity to care for you in a box that is wrapped differently than others.


  1. Save money! Some purebred animals from breeders and from Craigslist can cost as much as $500 into the thousands. Fees at animal shelters and rescues are generally just a fraction of that. If you are looking for a pet, investing in a shelter or rescue animal will allow you to set aside more money for veterinary checkups, food, and other pet supplies. Cost is a real consideration when getting a pet. While shelter and rescue animals may not have the “paperwork” of a purebred, they have all the love and compassion.


  1. Put breeders out of business! There are too many unwanted animals in the world. The only way to take care of the cats and dogs we have is to stop breeding more – both professional and backyard breeders. Dogs used for breeding are frequently mistreated, neglected and abused. They are forced to live in small, unsafe living quarters and produce litter after litter of puppies. The inbreeding and crossbreeding required to get some of these puppies can create birth defects, medical problems and require expensive treatment. Many of these disabled pets have manageable or treatable problems, but they are often unwanted – that is where CCAS steps in to help. But, prevention is cure.

The Colorado Companion Animal Sanctuary is dedicated to finding good homes for special needs pets around the United States. We have pets from all different backgrounds, and hope to find loving adoptive or foster families for most of them. If you think that a special needs pet is the right one for you, check out our website, contact us via email at CCAS.Denver@gmail.com or call 303-910-2425. We will get in touch with you and get you started on finding the perfect furry friend for your home.

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